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08 mai 2007

The box

We're following our trip into Dreux and its amazing curiosities.


medium_Dreux_1382.jpgThere's something really british in our town, something that you can barely notice due to its hidden position. It's not a miniaturized big Ben or a London Bobby even if we're near from the police station. No. We have the pride of the United Kingdom, the quintessence of the britness in one of our gardens. Yeap, near Antoine Godeau's house, there's a letterbox like the ones you find in Manchester, Cambridge or Glasgow. But why here?

Because Dreux has a good friend in england named Evesham. The two cities are twinned and in 1976 our english pals offered us that beautiful replica from the royal mail.

Of course the box is not in order but you can still send your mail to UK with La Poste.


Pour les non-anglophones, il s'agissait juste de rappeler les liens d'amitié entre Evesham et Dreux, symbolisés par cette pièce unique de boîte aux lettres britannique, située près de la maison Godeau, place d'Evesham.



Very clear, indeed.
But I don't understand the meaning of this letters, "G R", on the "quintessence of the britness"...

Écrit par : Ellie | 08 mai 2007


Écrit par : Ellie | 08 mai 2007

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